Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Conversations with My Sister (I)

Y: "I fainted in the video store."

Z: "Which section were you in?"

Y: {pause} I wasn't behind the saloon doors if that's what you're getting at."

Z: "Well, were you in New Releases or...?"

Y: "What difference does it make?? I fainted. In public. I've never done that before!"


Two Mittens said...

What's up with the fainting??!!

Adam said...

Whatever. You used to faint all the time when I walked in the room. (and no, it wasn't from the smell)

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Eat! Drink copious amounts of water! Get your blood pressure checked! Stick your head between your legs! Do NOT drive!
Hope your fainting spells are long gone...although it could be very romantic especially if you had a nice white hankerchief to drop. :)

Two Mittens said...

Yes, no driving for you!
Oh wait...

Leesha Peesha said...

That is hilarious! I did not know you fainted with Adam too.. I thought it was just me. now I'm jealous.