Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007 (almost The Future!)

So it's 2007 and I have A NUB. Since I got my head shaved over 8 months ago, I've been massaging my scalp, using special shampoo, and taking Vitamin E like it's going out of style. And my reward is a rather straggly, bobby-pinned tuft of hair that looks like it really wants to be a pig-tail when it grows up. But it's there and I'm starting to look like myself again. And as my friend A so perfectly put it today, "Unless you've been a girl with really short hair, you will never know what a great achievement the nub is." My mom will be so relieved, er, proud.

In other news, we're 3 years from The Future. Remember when you'd see a show or read a passage from a book that referred to something catastrophic happening " the future...year 2010." I'm a little spooked, personally and I think you should be, too. You can laugh it up, but when artificial intelligence starts infiltrating our society and governments are crumbling...oh, wait...

Happy New Year!...(future slaves of robots)