Wednesday, December 23, 2009


(Now, if you're lactose-intolerant, this may not be the game for you...)

Grab some eggnog (with a little extra "kick", if that's your pleasure) and take a swig for each time you've done the following this holiday season:
  • made direct eye-contact/shared a smile with a Santa (this includes the mall variety as well as bearded guys on the street wearing Santa hats)
  • got a little excited when you saw the blue flannel-sleeved arm of the guy who turns the logs on the "Holiday Fireplace" channel on TV
  • performed a random act of kindness and didn't tell anyone about it
  • were lucky enough to be in the presence of a child who still believes in Santa Claus
  • have a friend or relative named Noel/Noelle
  • caught snowflakes with your tongue
  • made a snow angel
  • are wearing Christmas socks right now
  • have reached a point in your life where giving gifts is just as good, if not better than, receiving them
  • have worn/are wearing one (or all) of the following: fake reindeer antlers, a Santa hat, bells
  • secretly shook one of your Christmas presents like an 8 year old
  • have put any of the following on a household pet and taken a picture of it: fake reindeer antlers, Santa hat, harness-with-bells, tinsel
  • have sincerely apologized to said pet for the aforementioned photo shoot
  • secretly think the people in the really nice neighbourhoods who didn't put lights up, suck..(just a little)
  • wish that "peace on earth" included no mention of: Tiger Woods, the Gosselins, or Brangelina again, until, like, March
  • are secretly jealous of your Jewish friends, because they get gifts, like, every freakin' day during Hanukkah
  • have gone/are going to see a movie on Christmas Day (Sherlock Holmes - woot, woot!)
  • feel just a little more Christmas-y (..and/or drunk) after reading this
Happy Holidays, Loved Ones.