Monday, May 26, 2008

Faster Than A Silver Bullet..

I've been thinking about vampires and werewolves lately. You know, more than usual. I have The Historian on hold at the library (in BC you don't have to pay for library cards - very cool). Perhaps it will inspire me. I feel like I need to write about them..

In other news, I'm a BC girl again since May of last year. And while I miss my Calgary friends, frequent sunny periods, no provincial sales tax, and was not missing rats or spiders in the least, I believe it to be a fair trade. Cheap (yummy) sushi, stunningly beautiful scenery and living by the water really ease the pain, I find. Oh and there's some really big Greek festival called "The Olympics" coming to town, too. I hope they serve dolmades. I love those things.

I can't stop listening to "Kim and Jessie" by M83. It's like Icehouse and a John Hughes soundtrack had a baby and let me hold it.

My new job is selling hats at a funky, popular hat store with some very cool cats on Granville Island. That's right. I work under a bridge. Like a troll. But it looks like this, so keep the goat jokes to yourself, sucka.

And I haven't even told you about Belinda the puppet's adventures yet..or Weird Bike Guy. As they used to say on "Hammy Hamster" (thereby taunting my sister and I through several years of childhood): "But that's another story.."

Stay tuned.