Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Dark Knights

When I was 16-going-on-17, unlike my Sound of Music counterpart Leisel, I wasn't dancing around in rainy gazebos with my Nazi-wannabe boyfriend, but I sure did like them. Boys, that is. Not Nazis. Especially bad ones, or in this case, lost ones. I distinctly remember sitting in a dark movie theatre with several of my girlfriends, watching Jason Patric, Keifer Sutherland, and the other Lost Boys and I was mesmerized. I mean, I'd witnessed male beauty before. Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in Pink and Duran Duran had taken care of that. But this was different. The bad guys were just as compelling and sexy as the good guys, maybe even more... Plus, they were vampires, which I've touched upon before:

Vampires are cool. Forget the translucent skin, dire need for a tanning bed, and somewhat confusing ‘undead’ status for a moment and think about it. And just to clarify, we’re talking about the seductive vampires here, like Chris Sarandon in Fright Night, Stuart Townsend in Queen of the Damned, and Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000, not the bald, nasty bat-like things they turn into if you pour too much holy water on them, or the Nosferatu type. {shudder} Definitely not that kind. I’m talking about the graceful, cat-like, sense-enhanced kind, who wear dark clothes and pay a lot of attention to your neckline. Maybe that’s it, the whole neck thing - I mean, isn’t the vampire’s ‘kiss’ really just the mother of all hickeys? I don’t know about you, but I can think of a lot worse ways to go than having a gorgeous stranger go to town on my neck for an indefinite amount of time. There’s also the enhanced strength, hypnotic and telepathic abilities, and let’s be honest, these people know how to dress. Silk and velvet, flowing cloaks, scarlet lips, and classic black all around – elegant and sophisticated. It’s not just the bad lighting that keeps them out of Wal-Mart. And they’re smart, too. Think about it – they stay out of the sun and they’re immortal – coincidence? I think not. Their aversion to garlic implies that oral hygiene is a priority, and the fact that they can look so good without ever having to check in a mirror is well, impressive, to say the least. And from all the films and books that have been dedicated to them, I’m guessing that I’m not alone in my observations, either.

So when I heard recently that they had cast Heath Ledger as The Joker, Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, along with the ever-so-lovely Christian Bale as Batman in the next Caped Crusader film, I smiled to myself. Because 20 years later, the fight between the good guys and the bad guys rages on. And I just hate choosing sides, don’t you…?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rock Stars

For anyone else who finds themselves somewhat addicted to Rock Star: Supernova, here's how I'm presently ranking the final 7 (in decreasing order of suckiness):

7) Patrice - has a decent voice but I find her bland and generally unenthusiastic - hope she goes home next

6) Toby - Aussie with good pipes but doesn't seem to be as hungry for the gig as the others and there's nothing that really stands out about him to me

5) Storm - beautiful, kick-ass name, versatile performer, very supportive of her fellow competitors and strong pipes, but may not be strong enough to take it all the way (plus, Tommy Lee hits on her all the time, which isn't a good sign..)

4) Ryan - from NYC, green eyes, keeps surprising everyone, but not sure if his voice is the best fit for this particular band

3) Lukas - the only Canadian left, can pull the eye make-up thing off (like goatees, not for everyone), has the swagger and stands out, but keeps reverting to his scratchy/raspy voice, not the hidden one he blew everyone away with during his rendition of 'Creep' by Radiohead

2) Dilana - South African, pink-streaked locks, and a voice you could light a match on - if they're going to choose a female lead singer, it'll be her

1) Magni - green-eyed Icelandic contender who gave me chills with his version of Live's 'The Dolphins Cry' and has the best range of all the guys (in my opinion) - plus he has all of Iceland (and me!) behind him

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Teenage Confessions

I don't think I will ever outgrow my penchant for teen love comedies, especially those based (sometimes ever-so-loosely) on Shakespeare's works and I'm not exactly sure why. It might be because they represent a time in our lives that we all still recall fondly for the most part - on the cusp of adulthood, yet still innocent in spite of the bravado, piss and vinegar we threw at the rest of the world. Or because getting good grades and the possibility of landing a date with that dreamboy/girl was what fueled most of our waking thoughts. There's a strange comfort in revisiting a time that felt so angst-ridden and full of high drama! at the time, when we look back with the 'wisdom' of adults and recognize just how earth-shattering things actually weren't. Compared to paying rent, taxes, raising children, and (shudder!) doing your own laundry, they seem pretty carefree, actually. As I recall, anyway.
The female stars of this particular genre also interest me as an aunt to 4 young nieces, as they could potentially influence them in the coming years. (Thanks again, Hollywood) So love 'em or hate 'em, here are the teen queens (in order of relevance):

5) Jessica Simpson - left behind wholesome Christian upbringing to conform to Hollywood ideal, over-controlling manager/dad, failed marriage at the tender age of 25, and more renowned for her cleavage and (put-on?) ditziness than actual talent - tied with Lindsay Lohan for tabloid- fodder potential (oh yeah, take notes, girls!)

4) Keira Knightley - seems fairly grounded all things considered and demonstrated some impressive acting chops in 'Pride & Prejudice', though she swears like a sailor and in spite of denying allegations of an eating disorder, needs to eat a freakin' burger, already!

3) Lindsay Lohan - charismatic redhead with box-office credibility and actual range, yet appears to be sadly pissing away all of her considerable potential on Cristal and excessive partying. (See, Whitney Houston)

2) Hilary Duff - cute girl with a popular TV show, followed by some tween-friendly movies and albums who actually resembled a 'real girl' (complete with invisible braces) until she too joined the Lollipop Head Brigade (when they're so skinny, their heads look like lollipops on a stick because unfortunately, YOU CAN'T LOSE WEIGHT IN YOUR HEAD). Having an older rock star boyfriend with groupies in tow probably adds incentive, too. She's definitely the lesser of evils, though.

1) Amanda Bynes - my favourite because she looks like a girl you could have actually gone to school with; exquisite comic timing and she's smart without being bratty - the Jennifer Aniston of her time. And I'd let her babysit.

Honourable Mention: Alexis Bledel from 'Gilmore Girls' and Amber Tamblyn from 'Joan of Arcadia'