Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rock Stars

For anyone else who finds themselves somewhat addicted to Rock Star: Supernova, here's how I'm presently ranking the final 7 (in decreasing order of suckiness):

7) Patrice - has a decent voice but I find her bland and generally unenthusiastic - hope she goes home next

6) Toby - Aussie with good pipes but doesn't seem to be as hungry for the gig as the others and there's nothing that really stands out about him to me

5) Storm - beautiful, kick-ass name, versatile performer, very supportive of her fellow competitors and strong pipes, but may not be strong enough to take it all the way (plus, Tommy Lee hits on her all the time, which isn't a good sign..)

4) Ryan - from NYC, green eyes, keeps surprising everyone, but not sure if his voice is the best fit for this particular band

3) Lukas - the only Canadian left, can pull the eye make-up thing off (like goatees, not for everyone), has the swagger and stands out, but keeps reverting to his scratchy/raspy voice, not the hidden one he blew everyone away with during his rendition of 'Creep' by Radiohead

2) Dilana - South African, pink-streaked locks, and a voice you could light a match on - if they're going to choose a female lead singer, it'll be her

1) Magni - green-eyed Icelandic contender who gave me chills with his version of Live's 'The Dolphins Cry' and has the best range of all the guys (in my opinion) - plus he has all of Iceland (and me!) behind him

Stay tuned.


Two Mittens said...

I'm sorry but Storm Large sounds like a stripper. Not a singing stripper, but the name of a stripper. Ha!

Two Mittens said...

p.s. Dilana can rock it. The rocker.

Alyson said...

I'm kind of torn because my favorites are in a state of flux. I really like Dilana at first but as i watch her stock goes down. My next fav was Lukas but I tend to cheer for the underdog. As for storm I was liking her but the Gloria Gainer song just did her in. The two I'm starting to be more interested in are Ryan and Magni, but I don't quite think Ryan has the look. So I'm left with Magni, but I'm not entirly sure that he has the stage pressence to front the guys. The one thing I am sure of is Patrice needs to go.