Friday, April 27, 2007

Celebrity Crush

The thing about celebrity crushes is, once I find out they're married I can't fantasize about them anymore. I had a brief, but intense fascination with Antonio Banderas back in the day, until I heard he was hitched (pre-Melanie). I just couldn't do it anymore. Just felt wrong. Like when you see a really cute kid and think, "Man, is he gonna' be a hottie when he gets older." Technically, you haven't done anything wrong, but the exit leading to Creepy is just a few miles away.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

And who is the latest crush Miss Yojo? when a male mid 30's friend of mine had a HUGE crush on Avril Lavigne before she was 18! I believe that little invisible line had been highjumped over. He's also a Buffy fan which is just funny for a mid 30's guy. Lines crossed.
What about when the crushee is married? Can they still have crushes on celebs? Oh so many questions & thoughts....

Two Mittens said...

Who's your new boyfriend??

I draw the line at having crushes on animated characters. That is creepy. Especially anime for some reason. Extra creepy.