Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lucky (for Halloween...)

Sarah was officially scared now.

She had been looking for her dog, Lucky, in the woods for hours. The same woods where those two girls had gone missing. It was steadily growing darker, and to top it all off she had tripped and dropped her glasses. As she fumbled her way blindly through the dead leaves and twigs, she felt something wet. Sticky and wet. Then she touched something silky and soft. Fur? There was something solid underneath. She shuddered as her fingers finally closed around her glasses, and as she fumbled to put them on, she breathed, "Oh please, God, don't let it be him..."

As the moon emerged from behind the night clouds, the woods were suddenly filled with the sound of Sarah's screams.

She wasn't Lucky. 


Alisha and Dave said...

cliff hangers... like it. Sarah wasn't lucky or the thing she touched wasn't 'Lucky'... I like the wordplay. Can't wait to see the rest. :)

Two Mittens said...

awe, poor Lucky...kind of makes me think of the HUGE bird that flew into our kitchen window last week with a terrible thud and then lay twitching on the hot tub cover down below.

Um yeah, if we're sharing gruesome stories...

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